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Business & Records Office
Individual reviewing financial data

The Business and Records section provides budget, fiscal, and financial information. This section also oversees records retention, Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) reporting requirements, biannual audits, and asset and fleet management. 

This section is responsible for providing and maintaining sound financial management systems for the Executive Director and the Board, which includes:  

  • Coordination and submission of the biennial budget.  
  • Manages financial policy and all related procedures. 
  • Procurement and payment activities.  
  • Processing revenue collected. 
  • Purchasing needed services, supplies and equipment. 

The section provides office services including:  

  • Fleet management. 
  • Fixed asset management. 
  • Records retention and destruction. 
  • Repairs and maintenance. 
  • Public records requests. 
  • Audio file/transcriptions. 
  • Court records submissions. 

Request Public Records

Complete the online public records request form with the requested information.   

How to Get Audio Files 

Audio Files are offered to you free of charge. To obtain audio files, please drop off or mail an UNOPENED flash drive (minimum 8GB storage). If mailing a flash drive, please secure it in a bubble envelope, and provide a self-addressed, stamped return envelope.  

How to Get a Transcript 

To obtain a transcript, please contact Armstrong & Okey at (614) 224-9481 or info@aando.com. Inform Armstrong & Okey you want a transcript of a SERB hearing, and provide them with the case number. Armstrong & Okey will contact the SERB Business and Records Office to obtain the audio files, and will then respond to you with a price quote for transcription. The transcript requestor will deal directly with Armstrong & Okey for payment.