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Unfair Labor Practices
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What the Unfair Labor Practices (ULP) Section Does

The Unfair Labor Practice (ULP) Section, in consideration of the rights of all the parties, investigates Unfair Labor Practice Charges, Non-Compliance Complaints, and Jurisdictional Work Disputes.

Unfair Labor Practice Charges 

Rights of the Parties 

Section 4117.11 of the Ohio Revised Code spells out those acts that may constitute an Unfair Labor Practice.  

  • Unfair Labor Practices that can be committed by an employer are listed in Section 4117.11(A)
  • Unfair Labor Practices that can be committed by an employee organization (union) are listed in Section 4117.11(B).

Non-Compliance Complaints 

Section 4117.19(A) through (E) of the Ohio Revised Code outlines an employee organization’s (union's) mandatory filing requirements. A Non-Compliance Complaint is filed by any party with a vested interest that alleges an employee organization (union) may have failed to comply with those requirements. 

Jurisdictional Work Disputes 

Section 4117.11(D) of the Ohio Revised Code authorizes the Board to hear and determine a Jurisdictional Work Dispute. A Jurisdictional Work Dispute is filed when two (2) or more employee organizations (unions) claim jurisdiction over employees who perform certain work. 

When a Charge is Filed

  • Investigator, in consideration of the parties’ rights, will request and review the information provided by the parties.  
  • Investigator will conduct an investigation and prepare a comprehensive investigative report that will indicate whether a violation has occurred.   
  • The investigative report will be presented to the Board for its review and final determination.  

Although some cases filed may be related, the allegations in each case are investigated individually to determine whether the facts support the allegations. 

Parties are offered the opportunity to participate in voluntary mediation.

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