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Clearinghouse Employer Codes

SERB uses Jurisdiction and Employer Type codes to identify similar employers across the state. These codes can be used when making a Clearinghouse database request.  

Jurisdiction and Employer Type


AU ME Metro Housing Authority 
AU PT Port Authority 

Boards of Education 

BE CC Commuter/Charter 
BE CI City Board of Education 
BE CO County Education Service Centers 
BE JV Joint Vocation/Career & Technical Schools 
BE LO Local Board of Education 
BE VI Exempted Village Schools 

County Commissioners 
CC CS Children Services 
CC DE County Departments 
CC EA County Enforcement Agency 
CC HC County Healthcare 
CC HU County Job and Family Services 
CC NA County Narcotics Agency 
CC VA County Veterans Services 

County Elected 

CE AU County Auditors 
CE CL County Clerk of Courts 
CE CR County Coroners 
CE EG County Engineers 
CE PR County Prosecutor 
CE RE County Recorders 
CE SH County Sheriffs 
CE TR County Treasurers 


CG CU Community College 
CG TE Technical College 


CI CL City Clerk of Courts 
CI HD City Health Department/District 
CI MA City Mayors 


CO CF County Correctional Treatment Facility 
CO EM County Emergency Medical 
CO GV County Governments 
CO HO County Hospital 
CO MH County Mental Health 
CO MR County Board of Development Disabilities 
COPD County Public Defender 
CO VA County Veterans Services 


DI CD Conservation District 
DI CM Cemetery District 
DI EM Emergency Medical District 
DI FD Fire District 
DI HD Health Department/District 
DI JR Juvenile Rehab 
DI PK Park District 
DI SN Sanitary District 
DI WS Water/Sewer District 


LI CI City Library 
LI CO County Library 


RE CF Corrections / County Jail 
RE IN Income Tax Agency 
RE PC Planning Commissions 
RE TA Regional Transit Authority 
RE TC Turnpike Commission 


ST AG Attorney General 
ST AU State Auditors 
ST OC State Office of Governor (State Units) 
ST SC State Secretary 
ST TR State Treasurers 
ST UV State Universities 

TW TS Township Trustees