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Clearinghouse Bargaining Unit Codes

SERB uses Bargaining Unit (BU) codes to identify similar bargaining unit types across different employers. These codes can be used when making a Clearinghouse database request.  

Bargaining Unit Codes and Description

BC   Blue Collar
Unskilled manual labor or semi-skilled or skilled maintenance.  

EM   Emergency Medical
Emergency medical or rescue.

FD   Fire Dispatcher
Fire department telecommunications. 

FF   Fire Fighter
Fire suppression or fire prevention. 

FS   Fire Supervisor
Fire Lieutenant and above, excluding chief.

FX   Part-time fire
Part-time fire.  

HA   Health Aide
Health care.  

HE   Health Care
Combination of unit types in a health care institution.
ME   Multi-Employer
Not a bargaining unit definition. Indicates more than one employer is party to collective bargaining agreement. 

MS   Mixed Safety
Combination of safety and fire personnel.  

MU   Mixed Unit
Combination unit types, exclusive of safety or fire units.  

N   Nurses
Unit comprised exclusively of nurses. 

NT   Non-Teaching
Non-certificated school personnel. 

SA   Safety
Uniformed safety, below rank of sergeant. 
SD   Safety Dispatcher
Police and county sheriff dept. telecommunication.  

SG   Security Guard
Corrections officers and security guards

SM   Safety-Mixed
Combination of safety units.

SN   Safety Narcotics
Narcotics agency personnel. 

SS   Safety Supervisor
Uniformed safety, rank of sergeant or above.  

SX   Part-time Safety
Part-time police. 

T   Teaching
Usually certified under ORC by State Board of Education.  

TA   Teaching
Admin School administrators.

TE   Technical
Skilled duties of a particular art, science or trade. 
TM   Teaching-Mixed
Combination of certified and classified personnel.  

TS   Sub Teacher
Substitute Teacher.  

WC   White Collar
Professional, paraprofessional, clerical, semi- technical or data processing.

WS   Wall-Safety-Combo
Combination of any non-safety and/or fire personnel. (usually found in townships or small cities)  

WW   Wall-to-Wall
All employees of an employer who are eligible for representation by an employee representative.