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Clearinghouse Services

The Clearinghouse database contains collective bargaining agreement information for all public jurisdictions in the State of Ohio. This archive of information includes collective bargaining agreements that were in effect between 1984 to present. Access to these agreements, including comparable reports containing information related to wages, fringe benefits, and employment practices, are available by making a Clearinghouse request.   

Standard Reports Available 

A standardized format has been developed for the following collective bargaining agreement reports: 

Benchmark Report 
Compares annualized entry and top-level salaries for over 300 job classifications. 

Benefit Report 
Provides an array of economic and non-economic benefit data. 

Wage Settlement Report 
Shows negotiated across-the-board wage adjustments. 

Public Health Insurance Summary Report 
Insurance data from the survey taken by public employers. 

Contract List Report 
Lists collective bargaining agreements on file with SERB. 

The following two annual reports are available on the SERB website.  

Wage Settlement Report 
Published February of each year, provides negotiated across-the-board wage adjustments. 

Annual Cost of Health Insurance in Ohio’s Public-Sector Report 
Published August 1st of each year, provides public sector health insurance statistics. 

Making A Clearinghouse Database Request 

You can specify how you want the data retrieved from the Clearinghouse Database. Data is retrieved, and reports are generated based on parameters stipulated by the individual making the request. The following are some of the criteria that are typically used as parameters: 

Jurisdiction/Employer Type 
Employers are grouped according to political subdivision, funding source, or other distinguishing characteristics. Each grouping is designated by a jurisdiction and employer type code. (View List

Data can be filtered by population according to the most recent federal decennial census, of each county, city, and township. For school districts, annually updated pupil enrollment figures are recorded as "population." 

Employer County 
Reports are frequently requested for data extracted from contracts within a specific county, among a group of contiguous counties, or by some other grouping of counties. 

Bargaining Unit 
A bargaining unit code is assigned to each contract entered into the database. Reports can be generated for a specific unit type such as safety (police or fire), teacher, blue collar, etc. (View List

Job Title 
Over 300 job titles are monitored, based on the frequency in which they are found in contracts. (View List

There are over 3,000 active collective bargaining agreements available online for quick access. Past collective bargaining agreements are available by making a public records request.