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CDSS Definitions

Below is a listing of all the collective bargaining agreement information stored within the Clearinghouse database.  


Afternoon Differential 
Cents per hour or percentage adjustment to regular hourly rate for work performed during the afternoon, or second shift.  

Evening Differential 
Cents per hour or percentage adjustment to regular hourly rate for work performed during the evening, or third shift.  

Rank Differential 
Establish differential between pay level of police and fire command and non-command positions.  

Hazard Pay 
Monetary adjustment for work performed which is considered hazardous or dangerous.  

It is calculated as an adjustment to the following rates: 

(HR)  Hourly 
(WK) Weekly  
(MO) Monthly  
(BW) Bi-weekly 
(AN)  Annual  

Retirement Pick-Up 
The percentage of the retirement contribution paid by the employer in excess of the required contribution.  

Does not apply to "tax deferred" or "salary reduced" pick-up plans.  

Merit Pay (Y)  
A compensation program where base pay increases are determined by individual performance.  

Education Incentive (Y)  
Supplementary pay for college courses or degrees or for advanced certifications or licenses.  

Furlough (Y)  
Employer-ordered mandatory leaves of absence that are not paid.  

Retirement Incentive (Y)  
Early retirement incentive program.  

Field Trip Rate  
Payment to school bus drivers for providing student field trip transportation.  

EMT Pay 
Dollar amount added to base pay for performing duties as an emergency medical technician.  

Paramedic Pay 
Dollar amount added to base pay for performing duties as a paramedic.  


Employer provides uniforms (indicated by a "P") or employee receives a voucher to purchase uniform or go to a specific vendor (indicated by a “V”).  

Dollar amount for annual uniform allowance.  

Cleaning (Y)  
Employer provides uniform cleaning/maintenance or  

Dollar amount for cleaning/maintenance of uniforms.  

Tools Provided (Y)  
Tools are provided 

Dollar amount for annual tool allowance.  

Dollar amount for annual shoe allowance.  

Firearm Proficiency 
Firearm proficiency bonus.  

Include the frequency of occurrence.  

IRS rate (Y) IRS rate for mileage reimbursement for use of personal vehicle for work-related travel. 

The cents per mile reimbursement other than IRS rate for use of personal vehicle for work-related travel.  

Tuition (Y)  
Full or partial reimbursement for approved courses.  

Annual paid leave based upon number of years of employment. First column is the number of years required to be eligible for number of annual paid leave days in the second column.  


Supplementary payment based upon number of years of employment. In the table list the number of years required to qualify for payment amount (either a dollar amount or as a percent) with the specified frequency.  

Abbreviations used for method of payment column.  

$: Set dollar amount.  
%: Percentage of base salary.  
Type = Frequency of payment:  
AN: Annual payment.  
BW: Bi-weekly payment.  
HR: Hourly payment.  
HP: Hours paid. Payment equals hours multiplied by the base hourly rate.  
IN: Incremental Increase of a specific amount.  
MO: Monthly payment.  
MY: Monthly payment for each year of service. Years multiplied by amount equals annual longevity payment.  
MX: Maximum paid.  
YR: Annual payment for each year of service. Years multiplied by amount equals annual longevity payment.  


Number of paid holidays per year.  

Personal Days  
Number of unconditional annual paid personal days. Separate from any other paid leave. Not combined with not using sick leave days. Note: May be a FLOATING HOLIDAY.  

Birthday (Y)  
Birthday as a paid day off. It is not included in the number of holidays.  

Injury Leave  
The duration of paid leave for work-related injury or illness. Separate from workers' compensation, sick leave, or disability leave.  

Coded as:  

(CD) Calendar days 
(WD) Work days  
(WK) Weeks   
(MO) Months  
(YR) Years  

Assault Leave  
Number of paid leave days for school or direct care employees who are assaulted while on duty. Separate from other leaves.  

Union Leave  
Paid leave for attendance of union sponsored or union related functions. Does not apply to time spent in negotiations, contract administration, and grievance investigation and representation.  

Paid Time Off Days  
Number of banked days in which employer pools sick days, vacation days, and personal days that allows employees to use as the need or desire arises.  

Fatal Force (Y)  
Paid time off in the event of an incident of fatal force.  

Holiday/Vacation (Y)  
Vacation days are combined with holidays.  


Sick Days/Year  
Number of sick days that may accrue annually for uses specified in the contract.  

Maximum Sick  
The maximum days of sick leave that may be accrued. A blank indicates that sick leave may accumulate without limit.  

Attendance Bonus (Y)  
Paid leave or compensation as an incentive for the use of none or only a specific portion of available sick leave in one year.  

Bank/Donated Time (Y)  
Employees may bank or donate accumulated sick 


Number of sick leave days that may be used following the death of a family member or other person defined within the provision.  

Number of paid funeral leave days, not from sick leave, that may be used following the death of a family member or other person defined within the provision.  

Other: (Y)  

Provision for modified uses of leave for bereavement purposes as circumstances warrant (e.g. additional days for traveling over 150 miles to attend a funeral or sick leave may be used for additional day 


Compensatory Time - Maximum  
Maximum allowable hours of accumulated compensatory time.  

Flex Time (Y)  
Flex work schedules permitted.  

Call-In (Y)  
Minimum guaranteed hours work, or pay, if called to work at a time that is not contiguous with the beginning or ending of a work shift.  

The hours or pay are guaranteed at the:  

OT = Overtime Rate  
ST = Straight Time Rate  
AR = Appropriate Rate  

Court (Y)  
Minimum guaranteed hours, or compensation, for appearance in court for work related matters.

Note: Does not apply to jury duty. The hours or pay are guaranteed at the:  

OT = Overtime Rate  
ST = Straight Time Rate  
AR = Appropriate Rate  

Stand-By (Y)  
Payment for remaining ready and available for work, or on call, apart from the regularly scheduled work shift.  

Minimum guaranteed hours or pay for reporting in for regularly scheduled work or shift.  

Example: Reports into work and is then dismissed because no work is available, or event prevents work.  

Meal Time - Paid 
Duration in minutes of paid meal time.  

Rest Break  
Frequency (first digit) and duration (remaining digits), in minutes, of paid breaks.  

For Example: 2/15 = two fifteen-minute rest breaks.  

Overtime Cycle  
Maximum number of hours worked before overtime is accrued / followed by the number of days in the overtime cycle.  


Over 8 hours in one day 8 / 1  
Over 40 hours in one week 40 / 7  
Over 80 hours in two weeks 80 / 14  
Over 171 hours in 28 days 171 / 28  



Probationary Period  
Minimum length of a probationary period for new hires.  

Coded as:  

(DY)   Days  
(MO) Months   
(WD) Work Days  
(CD)   Calendar Days  
(YR)    Year(s)  

Shift (Y)  
Preference given to seniority in the assignment of shifts.  

Recall Years  
Number of years in which employees on layoff retain recall rights.  

Super Seniority (Y)  
Super seniority for union officers.  


Arbitration (Y)  
Final and binding arbitration as the last step of the procedure for addressing and resolving grievances.  

Cost: Distribution of arbitrator payment by Employer and Union.  

Coded as:  
(E)  Equal  
(L)  Loser  
(O) Other  

Mediation Step (Y)  
Mediation is an option or step in the Grievance Procedure.  


Fair Share (Y)  
Required payment of a service fee or service charge to the union by employees who are members of the bargaining unit and choose not to join the union.  

Residency (Y)  
Requirement that residence of the employee is maintained within a designated area, usually within the jurisdiction of the employer (e.g., city, county, township, school district, etc.).  

Drug Test (Y)  
Provision for drug testing of employees includes any of the following:  

(RT) Random Testing  
(RS) Reasonable Suspicion 
(PC) Probable Cause  
(PA) Post Accident  
(PE) Pre-Employment  

Fitness Standard (Y)  
Physical fitness requirements or standards.  

Sub-Contract (Y)  
Contracting out or sub-contracting of bargaining unit work.  

Moonlighting (Y)  
Having a second job in addition to one’s regular employment.  

Past Practice (Y)  
Long standing frequent practice.  

Minimum Staffing (Y)  
Minimum staffing levels indicated.  

Light Duty (Y)  
Temporary modification of duties to allow employee to return to work in a limited capacity.  

Successorship/Privatization (Y)  
Successorship or privatization of employer operations or facilities.  

MAD (Y)  
Mutually agreed upon dispute resolution procedure. A procedure that supersedes the statutory dispute resolution procedure in O.R.C. Chapter 4117.14.  

Class Size (Y)  
Contract lists specified number of students in classroom as opposed to general goals.  


Date of Increase  
Effective date of the wage increase negotiated.  

Across-the-board percentage of wage increase negotiated.  

Hourly amount across-the-board increase given as a negotiated increase.  

A negotiated dollar amount added to the base salary.  

Lump Sum  
A one-time dollar amount given which is NOT added to the wage scale. Many times this is a signing bonus.  

Explanation of an unusual wage increase or signing bonus or a provisional increase.  

Example: Sergeants receive a 2% and Lieutenants receive a 2.5% or STEP FREEZE. 


Job Title 
Job title listed in Collective Bargaining Agreement.  

Effective date of the salary.  

Entry Level 
Entry level or step in salary schedule in ANNUAL amount.  

Top Level 
Top level or step in salary schedule in ANNUAL amount.  

Work Week 
The number of work hours in a work week.  

The number of work days in a year.  

The number of work days in a year.  

Number of Steps  
The number of steps for the job title.  

Step Years 
The number of years it takes to get to the top step.