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What the Hearings Section Does

The Hearings section conducts hearings to resolve disputes in cases involving issues arising from unfair labor practice charges, representation matters, and other issues under the Board’s authority. Cases are heard by one of SERB’s Administrative Law Judges.

Steps in the Hearing Process

  • Board Directs Case to Hearings Section.
  • Notice of Hearing and Prehearing Order sent.
  • Settlement Conference Procedure.
  • Prehearing held.
  • Subpoenas issued.
  • Hearing held.
    • Official Record created.
    • ALJ’s Proposed Order and Recommendation issued.
    • Exceptions to Administrative Law Judge’s Proposed Order and Recommendation.
  • Board conducts an independent review and issues a Decision, Order, or Directive.

Ohio Administrative Code - Relevant Hearings Information
4117-1-04 Motions
4117-1-05 Continuances and Extensions of Time
4117-1-09 Subpoenae; Witness Fees
4117-1-10 Depositions and Discovery
4117-1-13 Exceptions and Briefs in Support

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