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List of Neutrals

List of Neutrals

SERB maintains a Roster of Neutrals who serve as Fact-Finders, Conciliators, and Grievance Arbitrators. SERB appoints professional neutrals to assist parties, as requested, under the timelines of the statutory procedures, and sometimes at the request of parties negotiating under a Mutually Agreed Upon Dispute Settlement (MADs). The cost of fact-finding, conciliation, grievance arbitration, or appointments made under MADs are split 50/50 between the parties.

How do I apply to become a Neutral?

The Bureau of Mediation receives inquiries from experienced labor professionals wishing to be added to the Roster of Neutrals. This process includes an application, writing samples, references, and an interview. The Bureau reviews the applications and makes a recommendation to the Board for approval. Approved candidates are required to attend a training program on statutory procedures and local government finance.

All roster members are required to maintain a business address in the State of Ohio, although not all are required to be full-time residents of the state. All roster members may serve as Fact Finders, but only those who are Ohio residents may serve as Conciliators and Grievance Arbitrators. Neutrals are required to attend mandatory training every other year.

The Bureau of Mediation reviews concerns raised by the parties regarding a roster member’s performance. Failure to meet the roster standards on a continuous basis is justification for suspension or removal from the roster.

Roster of Neutrals

Total Number: 71

Neutral Name Fact-Finding Conciliation
Bader, Carol X X
Baggett-Hayes, Earlene R. X  
Bales, Richard X  
Ball, Steven L. X X
Bass, Meeta A. X X
Belkin, Jeffrey A. X X
Bernardini, Felicia X X
Binning, Willliam C. X X
Bixenstine, Barton X  
Bowers, Mollie X  
Braverman, Tobie X X
Breen, David X  
Buettner, John R. (Jack) X X
Byrne, Dennis M. X X
Cohen, Hyman X X
Cole, Sarah X X
Desimone, Jane X  
Feinberg, Melvin E. X X
Fernandez, Susan X  
Fitts, Martin R. X X
Furman, Sandra M. X X
Gardner, Joseph W. X X
Goldberg, Mitchell B. X X
Graham, Harry X X
Griffin, Burt X X
Guest, C. Forest X  
Harlan, Norman R. X  
Hartfield, Edward F. X  
Heekin, William C. X X
Hetrick, Jerry L. X  
Jaffe, Donald N. X X
Johnson, Margaret Nancy X X
Kerner, Benjamin X  
King, Michael L.  X X
Klein, Jonathan I. X X
Kloepfer, Gary W. X  
Kohler, Charles  X X
Kubic, Stephen X X
Lalka, Colman R. X X
Lavelle, Gregory J. X X
Lenehan, John F. X X
Lewis, E. William X X
Lowe, Pete B. X  
Lustig, Robert M. X X
Mancini, James M. X X
McCormick, Jack E. X X
McDowell, Michael D. X  
Miller, William J., Jr. X  
Miller-Katula, Michelle X  
Millstone, David J. X  
Minni, Dennis E. X X
Nelson, Nels E. X X
Novak, Richard F. X X
Nowel, Thomas J. X X
Passmore, Sherrie J. X X
Rice, Veronica A. X  
Rimmel, James E. X X
Sellman, Jerry B. X X
Sheridan, Philip H., Jr. X X
Silver, Howard D. X X
Simmer, Jared D. X  
Stanton, David W. X  
Stein, Robert G. X X
Szuter, Gregory P. X X
Tolley Jr., Howard X X
Trombetta, I. Bernard X X
Van Pelt, Gregory J. X X
Widgeon, Anna E. X  
Widgeon, Betty R. X  
Winters, Marc A. X  
Zeiser, Daniel G. X X