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Labor Management Committee

Most labor contracts provide for a labor management committee (LMC) to meet periodically to discuss mutual concerns. LMC meetings serve to increase communication and cooperation between management and the union.  

SERB mediators train union and management leaders who are interested in establishing an LMC by: 

  • Identifying and assessing the relationship between the parties. 
  • Customizing a training program that provides the best value to the parties. 
  • Attending LMC meetings until the parties can proceed on their own. 
  • Conducting one or two-day workshops on:  
    • Group problem-solving techniques. 
    • Effective listening.  
    • Problem identification.  
    • Brainstorming.  
    • Consensus building. 
    • Group dynamics. 
  • Providing initial guidance and facilitation services for actual LMC meetings.