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Collective Bargaining Mediation

Mediation services are provided onsite or at SERB by trained professionals. This service is provided to encourage mutual resolution of labor relations problems.  SERB mediation services are available at any stage of the process to public employers, public employees, and employee organizations within the jurisdiction of the State Employment Relations Board as set forth in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4117.

A mediator assists the parties by:

  • Encouraging constructive communications.
  • Keeping the parties focused on settlement alternatives.
  • Offering information and suggestions.
  • Building the foundation for improved relations between the parties.

State law calls for the automatic assignment of a mediator 45-days before a collective bargaining agreement or reopener expires, or 45-days before expiration of the 90-day negotiating period for first-time negotiations. The parties can mutually request an earlier assignment of a mediator.

Mutually-Agreed Dispute (MAD) Resolution

Opting out of the statutory dispute settlement procedure (O.R.C. Section 4117.14) does not preclude SERB’s assistance in mediation. Even when parties adopt mutually agreed-upon dispute settlement procedures, SERB mediators can be assigned. Just specify in your contract or in your ground rules that SERB is one of the agencies that the parties may contact for mediation assistance.