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Bureau of Mediation
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What the Bureau of Mediation Section Does

The MED section oversees implementation of the contract negotiation and impasse resolution procedures.  

The Bureau of Mediation: 

  • Reviews Notice to Negotiate filings. 
  • Monitors negotiations.  
  • Provides mediation services.
  • Manages Roster of Neutrals and assign Fact Finders, and/or Conciliators.  
  • Reviews Strike Notices. 
  • Conducts Training. 
    • Interest-Based Bargaining Negotiations. 
    • Modified Traditional Negotiations. 
    • Labor Management Committees. 

Submit Labor Agreement

Email to: Research@serb.ohio.gov

Who the Bureau of Mediation Section works with

SERB mediation services are available to public employers, public employees, and employee organizations within the jurisdiction of the State Employment Relations Board as set forth in Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4117.

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Forms for Bureau of Mediation

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