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Employer Filing Requirements

Employer Annual Filing Requirements

All public employers, who fall under SERB’s authority, are required to file an Annual Information Report. This filing provides SERB with the latest employer contact information, full and part-time employee counts, and requests the latest collective bargaining agreements for each bargaining unit. SERB sends out the Annual Information Report to all Board of Education employers in October, and all other public employers in January.

When filing your signed collective bargaining agreement, please ensure that a contract data summary sheet (CDSS) is submitted with it. (learn more).

Collective Bargaining Agreements

The employer is required, by statute, to provide SERB with all collective bargaining agreements within 30 days of signing the agreement. This includes all contracts, memorandum of understandings (MOUs), extensions, amendments, modifications, reopeners, settlements, or other addendums entered between an employee organization and employer. All collective bargaining agreements filed with SERB must include a Contract Data Summary Sheet.

O.R.C. 4117.02 (Employer)
O.A.C. 4117-9-07 (CBA Filing Requirements)