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Unfair Labor Practices

No. If you do not have an email address, correspondence will be sent to you via regular mail. 

A public-sector employee has the right to:

  • Join or not join a union.
  • Act together (concertedly).
  • Be represented.
  • To bargain.
  • To present and have grievances presented.
  • To select a representative to equal treatment.
  • To file charges or to give testimony.

A public-sector employer has the right to:  

  • Determine matters of inherent managerial policy. 
  • Direct, supervise, evaluate or hire. 
  • Maintain and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation.  
  • Determine the overall methods, process, means or personnel by which operations should be conducted. 
  • Suspend, discipline, demote or discharge for just cause, layoff, transfer, assign, schedule, promote or retain employees. 
  • Determine the adequacy of the workforce.  
  • Determine the overall mission of the employer. 
  • Effectively manage the workforce.   

A public-sector employee organization has the right to:  

  • Bargain with the public employer, which includes the adjustment of grievances.  
  • Enter into a collective bargaining agreement with the public employer.  

No. You do not need an attorney to file a charge with SERB. But, you must be able to provide the necessary information/documentation to support the allegations contained in your charge when it is requested by the investigator. 

If you are a public employee, but are not represented by an employee organization, you may want to contact the State Personnel Board of Review for assistance or call them at (614) 466-7046. 

You may file an unfair labor practice charge within 90 days of the date of the alleged violation. (view form

See the steps outlined in this article.

You can find this information in the Appendix of the Unfair Labor Practices Resource Guide.

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