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The Fact Finder will contact the parties to establish the hearing date, time, and location. 

A bargaining unit that is certified by the Board after 1984. 

Yes. It becomes part of the new contract.

The Bureau of Mediation will order the parties into conciliation after the Fact Finder’s report has been rejected by either of the parties involving non-striking units.

A bargaining unit which was in effect prior to 1984.

Unresolved issues are submitted to the Fact Finder.

The Fact Finder is obligated to issue the report within 14 days of appointment, unless the parties have mutually agreed to an extension of the fact-finding period.

All unresolved issues from fact-finding.

A mediator is appointed 45 days prior to the expiration of the contract.


The filing of the Notice to Negotiate will determine the 60-day negotiation period. 

The Notice to Negotiate must be filed 60 days prior to expiration of contract or reopener provision, unless the contract contains a different timeline. 

The parties must vote to accept or reject the report within 7 days.

The position statement is due to the Fact Finder and the other party no later than 5:00 p.m. the day before the hearing. 

Either party may request a Fact Finder panel any time the parties are at impasse or after the appointment of the mediator. 

SERB will make a discretionary appointment of a Fact Finder. 

SERB will send via email to the parties, a Fact Finder panel which consists of members on SERB’s Roster of Neutrals. The parties must then notify SERB in writing of their mutual selection. 

Fact Finders are members of SERB’s approved Roster of Neutrals.

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