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The agent for service is the union person SERB contacts with questions. It is commonly the union president or another union officer.

The fiscal year end date is used to determine the due date for your Annual Report and Financial Statement. 

YES, if you are a recognized public-sector union, you are still required to file the Annual Report and Financial Statement.

YES, the union must file an Annual Report and a Financial Statement. In a signed statement, indicate that dues were not collected and there is no bank account associated. 

It’s the law. Ohio Revised Code §4117.19 outlines all filing requirements.

YES, you must file the updated version no later than your next annual report.

Send Email to:EOReport@serb.ohio.gov

Yes, provide SERB with the name, phone number, and email address of your new officers.

Send email to: 


This date should be in your bylaws or you can call SERB.

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