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Determination of Clear and Present Danger Form

What is it used for? 

This form is filed by an employer when a court of common pleas has issued a temporary restraining order enjoining a strike and has found probable cause to believe that the strike poses a clear and present danger to public health and safety. A Board determination of clear and present danger establishes the court’s jurisdiction to extend the injunction for up to 60 additional days.  

See O.R.C. 4117.16 and O.A.C. 4117-13-06 and 4117-13-07

Who uses this form?  

A representative of the employer may file the Request for Determination of Clear and Present Danger.  

How do I complete the form? 

Instructions and a checklist for how to complete the Request for Determination of Clear and Present Danger form are provided when you download the form.   

Note: This form can be submitted by email to MED@serb.ohio.gov.