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Petition for Decertification Election Form

What is this form used for? 

This form is used when the public employees in an existing bargaining unit seek to no longer have the current employee organization (incumbent employee organization) as the exclusive representative and seek to have the current employee organization (union) removed (decertified) as their exclusive representative through an election conducted by SERB.  

See O.R.C. 4117.07 and O.A.C. 4117-5-01 and 4117-5-02.  

Who uses the form? 

Public employees or an individual petitioner, within the bargaining unit, authorized to act on the employees’ behalf seeking an election to determine whether an incumbent employee organization (union) has the support of at least half of the public employees within that bargaining unit.  

How do I complete the form? 

Instructions of how to complete the form and a checklist are provided when you download the form.  

Note: A Petition for Decertification Election form must be filed in hard copy by mail or hand delivery and the showing of interest must be filed with the Petition for Decertification form. Cannot file this form if the unit is deemed-certified.