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Opt-In Request for Recognition Form

What is this form used for? 

This form is used to add public employees to an existing unit and to request that the public employer voluntarily recognize that employee organization and that SERB certifies that employee organization as the exclusive representative of certain public employees without an election.   

See O.R.C. 4117.05 and O.A.C. 4117-3-01 through 4117-3-03

Who uses the form? 

An employee organization (union) that is seeking to add public employees to an existing bargaining unit of public employees where the employee organization is already recognized as their exclusive representative.  

How do I complete the form? 

Instructions of how to complete the form and a checklist are provided when you download the form.  

Note: An Opt-In Request for Recognition form must be filed in hard copy by mail or hand delivery along with the showing of interest.