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Jurisdictional Work Dispute Form

What is it used for? 

A Jurisdictional Work Dispute charge may be filed when two (2) or more employee organizations claim jurisdiction over employees who perform certain work. The entity who files the charge is referred to as the Charging Party. The entity against whom the charge is filed is referred to as the Charged Party.  

Who uses this form?  

An employee organization having reason to believe that a certain group of employees in another employee organization may be performing the same work will notify the State Employment Relations Board (SERB) of the jurisdictional work dispute. SERB is empowered to hear and resolve the dispute by determining the appropriate bargaining unit. 

How do I complete the form? 

Instructions and a checklist for how to complete the Jurisdictional Work Dispute using the Unfair Labor Practice Charge form are provided when you download the form.   

Note: A Jurisdictional Work Dispute using the Unfair Labor Practice charge form must be filed initially in hard copy by mail or hand delivery