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CDSS Form - All Other Public Employer Types

What is it used for? 

Within 30 days of execution, a signed copy of the collective bargaining agreement (CBA) is required to be filed with SERB.  Also required is a completed Contract Data Summary Sheet (CDSS).

The CDSS acts as a coversheet for the CBA and provides quick access to the statistical data and page number of the information that is contained within the agreement.  

This information, verified by SERB staff, is used to update the Clearinghouse database and ensures the accuracy and integrity of the data. 

Who uses this form?  

The Employer or the Union can complete the CDSS.  If you are submitting a contract, then a CDSS should be submitted along with it.   

How do I complete the form? 

Click the download button to access the Contract Data Summary Sheet for all other contract types (not Fire, Police or Schools).  Save prior to filling it out.  You only need to mark provisions that pertain to your contract; if a provision does not apply then leave blank.    

Note: The signed CBA and the completed Contract Data Summary Sheet (CDSS) can be submitted by email to Research@serb.ohio.gov.  If possible, include the case number and names of the employer and union in the subject line.  If the file is too large, you may mail the contract and the CDSS.

What if I need help to complete the form? 

  • If you hover over a provision on the CDSS, the definition should appear.
  • Watch our Tutorial on filling out the CDSS.
  • Access the explanation of form – CDSS Definition of Fields. 
  • Ask for a Clearinghouse Report for your recently expired contract to help you complete a CDSS for your new contract.  Make certain to include the Employer, Union, type of bargaining unit and expiration date of the contract.