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About SERB 

The State Employment Relations Board (SERB) administers the Ohio Public Employees’ Collective Bargaining Act through a three-member Board appointed by the Governor supported by a staff of 24. Board members are appointed to staggered six-year terms, and only two Board members may be of the same political party. One Board member is designated by the Governor as the agency’s Chairman and serves as its appointing authority. An Executive Director handles the day-to-day administration of the agency, and a General Counsel provides legal support and serves as liaison with the Ohio Attorney General’s office. SERB’s key statutory functions include: 

  • Investigating unfair labor practice charges. 
  • Adjudicating unfair labor practice complaints after investigation. 
  • Processing representation petitions and requests for recognition. 
  • Determining appropriate bargaining units and conducting elections. 
  • Analyzing and reporting wage and benefit data from collective bargaining agreements. 
  • Providing impasse resolution services through mediation, fact-finding, and conciliation. 
  • Resolving disputes as to the legality of strikes. 
  • Collecting and monitoring registration and financial filings by employee organizations. 
  • Training representatives of labor and management in the methods and rules of collective bargaining.

The agency is organized into the following sections:  


Promoting orderly and constructive relationships between public employers and their employees. 


SERB embraces a culture based on our core values of Integrity, Teamwork, Greatness, and Sharing. These values define who we are and what we do, as individuals and as an agency.  

INTEGRITY and objectivity in the way we conduct ourselves; 

TEAMWORK as we act with civility and mutual respect, towards achieving the common goal of our Mission; 

GREATNESS achieved by never compromising our work, providing excellent performance in serving our stakeholders, and pursuing continual improvements; 

SHARING and celebrating in each other’s successes and viewing challenges as opportunities.