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Below is a listing of all forms, documents, reports and decisions maintained by SERB. The “Open This Catalog” link will take you to the search page where you will be able to view and filter by various search terms. 

Board Opinions 

Formal Board Opinions which provide rationale and applicable theory of law and have precedential value.

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Board Minutes 

The SERB Board maintains minutes of its regularly scheduled meetings. 

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All forms used by SERB can be viewed and downloaded. 

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Contract Data Summary Sheet Forms

All Contract Data Summary Sheet (CDSS) forms and definitions. A CDSS is required to be filed with each labor agreement. 

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The guidebooks for each section of the agency are available to assist you. 

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Collective Bargaining Agreements 

All active public sector collective bargaining agreements filed with SERB.  

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Fact-Finding Reports 

All public sector Fact-Finding Reports issued by a Fact Finder since 2012.  

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Fact-Finding Report Wage Proposals 

All Fact-Finding Report Wage Proposals since 2012. This page displays the employer, union, and fact finder wage proposals that were extracted from each Fact-Finding Report filed with SERB.

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Fact-Finding/Conciliation Quarterly Statistics Report

Quarterly summary report on the Fact-Finding Reports and Conciliation Awards issued each quarter. 

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Conciliation Awards 

All public sector Conciliation Awards issued by a Conciliator since 2012. 

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SERB Annual Reports 

Annual summary of all the activities and accomplishments of the Board for the fiscal year.  

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Wage Settlement Reports 

Annual summary of the public sector negotiated wage increases found in collective bargaining agreements over a 12-month period.  

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The Cost of Healthcare in Ohio’s Public-Sector Report 

Health insurance reports generated from survey results of public sector employers under SERB’s jurisdiction.  

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