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Explore Board Services

What We Do

The mission of the State Employment Relations Board is to promote orderly and constructive relationships between public employers and their employees. The Board accomplishes this mission through the following functions: 

  • Investigating unfair labor practice charges. 
  • Adjudicating unfair labor practice complaints after investigation. 
  • Processing representation petitions and requests for recognition. 
  • Determining appropriate bargaining units and conducting elections. 
  • Analyzing and reporting wage and benefit data from collective bargaining agreements. 
  • Providing contract negotiation and impasse resolution services through mediation, fact-finding, and conciliation. 
  • Resolving disputes as to the legality of strikes. 
  • Collecting and monitoring registration and financial filings by employee organizations. 
  • Collecting and monitoring annual employer information reports. 
  • Training labor and management representatives in collective bargaining methods. 

The agency is organized into the following sections:  

  • Bureau of Mediation 
  • Business and Records 
  • Clerk’s Office 
  • Hearings 
  • Representation 
  • Research and Training 
  • Unfair Labor Practices