Justin Brown - Administrator

Justin Brown serves as section administrator for the Research and Training Section of SERB. He joined SERB in December 2011 as a Data Administration Manager within the Research and Training Section. One of his primary responsibilities was facilitating and analyzing the data for the Annual Report on the Cost of Health Insurance in Ohio's public Sector. As an employee of the Research and Training Section, he worked with a team of individuals who fulfills SERB's statutory commitment to act as a Clearinghouse of information relating to wages, fringe benefits, and employment practices applicable to the various political subdivsions of the state. In June 2015 he was promoted to section administrator. Before coming to SERB he worked for a large uniform and linen laundry facility in West Central Ohio where he served as an IT director for three years and a production manager for the fourth year.

Mr. Brown, a native of New Bremen, Ohio, received his Bachelors in Management from Bluffton University. He also has an Associate Degree in Computer Networking from James A. Rhodes State College. Justin is an A+ Certified Computer Technician.

Contact Information:

Justin Brown, Administrator - Research and Training
State Employment Relations Board
65 East State Street, Suite 1200
Columbus, OH 43215

Phone: (614) 466-1122
Email: Justin.Brown@SERB.ohio.gov

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