Research and Training Section

The Research and Training Section fulfills SERB’s statutory commitment to act as a clearinghouse of information relating to wages, fringe benefits, and employment practices applicable to the various political subdivisions of the state. Also by statute, the section is responsible for training representatives of employee organizations and public employers in the rules and techniques of collective bargaining. The section’s primary tool is its computerized Clearinghouse, a system providing customized collective bargaining agreement information for all jurisdictions in the state. The section is also responsible for writing, editing, and producing the SERB Quarterly magazine, SERB’s Annual Report, and assorted brochures.


   Fact Finding Reports and Conciliation Awards

You will now be able to access Fact-finding Reports and Conciliation Awards directly rather than calling our office. This service shall be up-dated frequently.

By clicking on the links at the bottom of this page, you can access a listing of Fact Finding Reports and Conciliation Awards issued since 1995.

The lists are arranged in alphabetical order by names of neutrals (fact finders or conciliators). This arrangement facilitates locating all reports or awards by a particular neutral.

Within these lists, the case-number entries in the first column are hyperlinks. By clicking on the hyperlink, you will access an Adobe Acrobat PDF file version of the full Fact Finding Report or Conciliation Award.

These documents are public records, and are available for downloading, copying and printing; however, they may not be altered.

If you wish to use another selection criterion, you can download and resort the lists by any of the column headings.

To download a list, simply access the Excel file and choose "Save as" from the File menu.

Please note that the hyperlinked case numbers will not work from your downloaded Excel file. Once you have located the cases from which you wish to access reports and awards, you must return to the SERB website to use the hyperlinks in the lists posted there.

If you have any concerns or questions, please contact SERB’s Research and Training Section by e-mailing Timothea.Johnson@SERB.ohio.gov or by telephoning (614) 466-1126.

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