Contract Data Summary Sheets

SERB is committed to provide accurate data from our Clearinghouse Database. In order to maintain the high level of accuracy, a Contract Data Summary Sheet is now required to be completed with each filed contract. SERB simplified the Contract Data Summary Sheet document by individualizing the document based on the type of data contained within the different types of contracts. Please select your contract type from the list below to obtain a download of the correct Contract Data Summary Sheet. A definition page is also included in the download to assist with completing the summary sheet.

All completed summary sheets must be emailed to Research@SERB.ohio.gov with a signed copy of your Collective Bargaining Agreement within 30 days of the execution of your agreement.

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Any questions can be emailed to Tammy Johnson at Timothea.Johnson@SERB.ohio.gov

The Data Summary Sheet Instructions document is available here. Instructions Document

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