Unfair Labor Practice Section

The Unfair Labor Practice Section is responsible for investigating unfair labor practice charges, non-compliance complaints, and jurisdictional work disputes. When both parties desire to mediate, the Section also attempts to mediate cases before the investigation is complete and goes before the Board. The Unfar Labor Practice Section processes an average of 290 cases a year.

The Section investigates charges and non-compliance complaints, gathers the facts, and condenses the information into a clear and concise investigative report for the Board’s review and decision. All relevant facts are incorporated in the report to substantiate or refute whether a violation occurred. Sometimes additional information is provided to the Board upon request, so that the Board has clarification and is able to make an informed decision on each case. Although some cases filed are related, all of the allegations in each case are investigated individually to determine if the facts support the allegations.

The Section is available to answer questions on what constitutes a violation of Ohio Revised Code Chapter 4117. Please phone (614) 644-8573. Forms necessary to file an unfair labor practice charge, non-compliance complaint, or jurisdictional work dispute charge are available on the forms page of this site.