Business and Records Office

The Business and Records section provides budget, fiscal and financial information, payroll and office services to the Board and other operating sections of the agency.

The Business and Records section has the responsibility of providing financial management for the Board. These duties include: coordinating the submission of the Board’s biennial budget, reviewing the agency’s financial status throughout the year to ensure its resources correspond to the mission of the Board, and the presentation of fiscal information to the Board.

The section oversees financial policy and procedures for revenue collection, procurement and payment activities, personnel and payroll. Duties include: processing revenue collected, purchasing needed services, supplies and equipment in accordance with state regulations, processing the payroll for the agency’s employees and reimbursing travel expenses.

The section provides office services including: fleet management, fixed asset management, records retention and management, and the coordination of facility management with the building management in providing repairs and maintenance for the agency’s office space.

Business and Records Staff