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Did you know that SERB provides free mediation services and labor-management cooperation training? Services include interest based training and facilitation as well as traditional bargaining and grievance mediation by experienced staff (click here for staff biographies) . Whether the parties are negotiating their first contract or their tenth, there are times when the assistance of a mediator makes the difference in avoiding the time and costs associated with Fact Finding and Conciliation. Interest based problem solving training can also help the parties improve labor management relations and committee effectiveness.

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Board Issues SERB
Opinion 2014-004

SERB issues a Board Opinion in a representation case involving Youngstown State Univ Assoc. of Classified Empl, OEA/NEA and Youngstown State University

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Board Issues SERB
Opinion 2014-003

SERB issues a Board Opinion in a mediation case involving Conneaut Vol. Firefighters Organization and City of Conneaut.

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The State Employment Relations Board will hold a public hearing on Monday, June 22, 2015 at 10:00 a.m., in its offices located at 65 E. State Street, 12th Floor, Columbus, Ohio, 43215.  The purpose of this public hearing is to offer any interested party the opportunity to express his or her views concerning proposed changes to the State Employment Relations Board’s Administrative Rules. Copies of the proposed rule changes are available from the State Employment Relations Board upon request. 



        The State Employment Relations Board is pleased to announce that in furtherance of its training responsibilities, it is beginning a training program in practical negotiations for persons new to collective bargaining and for those persons seeking a new perspective on conducting and participating in negotiations. The training will be conducted by Mediators of the Bureau of Mediation Section at SERB.
            The next training session will be a one day basic training program on August 24, 2015, primarily for those new to collective bargaining.  It will be held at the State Library in Columbus, Ohio and will be a day long program.  It will involve education on bargaining alternatives, bargaining requirements under state law, bargaining strategies, bargaining essentials, and mock negotiations sessions.  The charge for the program will be $30.
            The program will be limited to 22 participants.  It will be on a first come first enrolled basis.  If you are interested and wish to enroll, then please email Mary Laurent at mary.laurent@serb.state.oh.us  or you can call Mary at 614-644-8716.



2014 Annual Report on the Cost of
Health Insurance in Ohio's Public Sector

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Employee Org Reporting Requirements

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Electronic Filing with SERB

Ohio Administrative Code Rule O.A.C. 4117-1-02 requires that customers file most types of documents with the State Employment Relations Board by electronic mail. Please see attached guidelines for electronic filings.

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View Filed CBA's Online

Collective Bargaining Agreements are available online. Please contact Research & Training section if you have any questions. "Click Here " to view list of filed contracts.

Please Note: If you have filed your collective bargaining agreement and do not see it posted to our website, feel free to contact Tammy Johnson at Timothea.johnson@serb.state.oh.us


Contract Data Summary Sheet Required

A Contract Data Summary Sheet is now required when filing a Collective Bargaining Agreement for more information "Click Here"


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2014 Annual Wage Settlement

2014 SERB Annual Report

2014 SERB Health Insurance Rpt

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